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9 things to do at Dubai International Airport

By News feed Pubilshed 04/02/2023

Manicures, workouts, gaming, slap-up meals and more

By Time Out EditorsFebruary 2, 2023

With a throng of awards under its belt, it’s fair to say that Dubai International wins the hearts of all those who visit. Boasting the best Duty Free Shopping in the Middle East, the region’s first ever gaming lounge and a huge line-up of amazing places to eat, there are many reasons to love DXB. Whether it’s your first time travelling through the famous DXB, or your 51st, here are nine brilliant things to do with your time in Dubai International Airport.

1. Eat

Things to do at Dubai International Airport: Eat

There are so many options when you’re looking for something quick, expensive or unique. If you’re looking for a good ol’ burger and pint, you’ve got the Hard Rock Cafe (Terminal 3, Concourse B) which serves burgers stacked up high and hops on draft. If you want full on pub vibes, there’s The Draft House (Terminal 1, Concourse D) or if you just want a really good bun, try the home-grown brand Jailbird in Terminal 3, Concourse B. For something a little more refined, Bottega Bar (Terminal 3, Concourse A) that serves premium bubbly, grape and plates including the new risotto al funghi which is topped with crispy Parmesan.

2. Exercise

Things to do at Dubai International Airport: Exercise

Fitness fanatics will be pleased to know there’s a fully-fledged gym that you can use while in Terminal 3. Dubai International Airport Hotel (Concourse B and C) is home to a health club that allows passengers to work out for three hours. Entry costs Dhs147, which grants you access to the machines, along with access to the sauna and steam room for some post-workout rejuvenation.

3. Game

Things to do at Dubai International Airport: Go check Game Lounge

DXB is home to the region’s first ever gaming lounge, Game Lounge in Terminal 3, Concourse B. Designed for those looking to pass away the time or for seasoned gamers who want to keep their spot on the top of the leader board, there are 40 game stations to choose from. Open 24 hours a day, there are a range of top of the range PCs and TVs with consoles with a number of games including Fortnite, League of Legends, Gran Turismo 7 and Crash Bandicoot.

4. Lounge

Things to do at Dubai International Airport: Ahlan Business Class Lounge

If you fancy upgrading your airport experience, there are a number of lounges you check into. If you’re at Terminal 1, there’s the Ahlan Business Class Lounge that costs Dhs200 an hour to enter or Marhaba Lounge where rates start from Dhs194 in Concourse D. There’s another Marhaba Lounge in Terminal 2 which costs Dhs194 to enter but you can pay extra for a shower or a sleep spacing.

Things get a little more bouji over in Terminal 3 with Al Majlis lounge which offers a true VIP treatment for Dhs2,500. Other lounge options in Terminal 3 include Cadiz Ahlan Lounge in Concourse B, Marhaba Lounge in Concourse A and B, Plaza Premium Lounge in Concourse A and The Gallery by Dubai International Hotel in Concourse B. While, once you land in Arrivals, there’s Their Patio which is a spacious lounge turned co-working space.

5. Relax

Things to do at Dubai International Airport: Wash and Blowout at XpresSpa

So you’ve arrived at the airport a couple of hours before your flight takes off? Why not take the extra time to invest in some pre-take-off relaxation. There are several places you can do just that at DXB. If you’ve got two and a half hours to spare, book yourself a Restore treatment for Dhs853 at Timeless Spa in Dubai International Airport Hotel. It includes an organic body scrub, desert aroma massage and Timeless classic facial. If you’ve only got 25-minutes on the clock, you can get a Wash and Blowout at XpresSpa (Terminal 3, Concourse C).

6. Shop

Things to do at Dubai International Airport: Dubai Duty Free

Dubai Duty Free has won countless awards for its brilliant buys and super saving offers. Along with all the perfumes, cosmetics and electrical goods that you can buy in DDF, there are a number of other outlets you can do some pre-flight shopping at. In Terminal 1, you’ve got Boots, Burberry, Hugo Boss and Tiffany and Co. Terminal 2 has a good selection of items in Dubai Duty Free. While Terminal 3, has the largest selection of shops including a Dior, Jo Malone, Louis Vuitton in Concourse B. Along with a Victoria’s Secret and Dubai Duty Free in Concourse C for some retail therapy before you fly.

7. Sleep

Things to do at Dubai International Airport: sleep ‘n fly

Tired? There are a number of places you catch up on some much needed sleep at Dubai International, including the dedicated sleep lounges called sleep ‘n fly.

The biggest is in Concourse B, Terminal 3 which is spread over 575sq.m and sleeps a total of 46 people. You can book one of five sleeping options for as little as Dhs105 for one-hour in the Power Nap Therapy Pod. For families, there’s a YAWN Family Cabin with two rooms that sleeps four adults, one child and an infant in a cot for Dhs430 for two hours. You’ll also find two smaller sleep ‘n fly lounges in Terminal 3, one in Concourse A and the other in Concourse C. While those flying out of Terminal 1 can nap in the sleep pods in Concourse D.

8. Swim

Things to do at Dubai International Airport: Relaxation Pool inside DXB Hotel

If you want to start your holiday early, there’s a Relaxation Pool inside DXB Hotel (Terminal 3, Concourse B and C) where you can swim. Access costs Dhs75 for one-hour or Dhs99 for two-hours and includes use of the pool, steam room, Jacuzzi and showers.

9. Win

Things to do at Dubai International Airport: Try your luck at Dubai Duty Free’s Millennium Millionaire draw

There aren’t many airports in the world that offer you the chance to leave richer than when you arrived. But Dubai Duty Free’s Millennium Millionaire draw, which has been going since 1999, offers you the chance to win a grand prize of US $1 million. Tickets cost Dhs1,000, but with only 5,000 tickets sold, the chances of winning are pretty high. The draw takes place every two to three weeks and the winner is contacted via the email address they provide.